Privacy Policy

The following privacy policy will be effective as of October 1, 2014.

We ask users for their agreement to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy when they create accounts. By accessing their account and/or using our service, you are indicating your acceptance to comply with these terms.

1. Information We Collect

  1. Information users give us: Name (nickname), profile image, electronic mail address, and telephone number
  2. The above user information is required at the time you create an account on our service. This profile page can be viewed by others users.
  3. Information we get from users' use of our service: Log-in information (details of how you used our service, such as the time of log- in, time and duration of use, and contents information)

2. How We Use User Information

  1. We use the collected information to provide, maintain, protect, and improve our existing service or develop a new service.
  2. Also, we use it to provide better overall user experience of our service.

3. How We Share User Information

  1. Without prior agreement from users, we do not provide or share information that do not fall under item 2 ("Information we collect") with companies, organizations, or individuals. There are three exceptions:

    1. When there exists a prior agreement from a user
    2. When a user has violated our terms or policy
    3. When there is a significant or reasonable request from investigative governmental agencies

4. How Long We Wtore and Use User Information

  1. We keep personal information of users while they use our service.
  2. We discard all the personal information once a user requests to deactivate his/her account. However, in case of a user who has significantly violated our terms or policy, we may request investigation from government agencies or store the person's personal information up to a year for the protection of other users.

5. How We Use Location Information

  1. For some features, we use background location information. As an example, to notify when leaving the selected area. But, we never send the location data to the server.

6. How We Discard User Information

As a general principle, we discard the relevant information without delay once the purpose of collection and use of personal information has been achieved.

  1. Information a user gave us when creating his/her account will be discarded after a certain amount of time in accordance with our policy and applicable laws. The information will not be used for any other purpose other than as permitted by law.
  2. Information in printed form will be discarded by shredding or incineration. Information in electronic form will be irrevocably destroyed by technical measures.

7. How We Protect User Information

  1. To ensure safety of personal information from loss, theft, unauthorized alteration, disclosure, or from destruction of information we hold, we take the following technical and managerial measures:
  2. We take a number of security measures including physical security measures against unauthorized access to user information and our system.
  3. We restrict access to personal information of users by our employees. All of our employees are trained regularly to acquire new security measures and take such responsibility seriously.

8. External Commission and Transfer of Business

  1. We do not delegate processing of personal information to any businesses or persons, whether affiliated or not affiliated with us.
  2. Should We be involved in a merger, acquisition, or a substantial asset sale, we will notify users of such transfer and continue to ensure the confidentiality of affected users. We will also notify the name, adress, telephone number, and other contact information of the party to whom the service and the subsequent rights and responsibilities are transferred.

9. Changes to the Policy

Should there be any modification to our privacy policy, we will let our users know of the details of the change through announcements.

10. Contact Us

We protect personal information of all users. Please contact us should you have any issues regarding privacy.

Mooseok Bahng